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The Best and Worst Tweets of 2021

We're never gonna find happiness

2021 was a year like no other, except for several of those that immediately preceded it. And as Twitter chugged along on its slow drift from relevance, it continued to reflect that great, gradual unravelling.

Here now is our annual roundup of the best and worst that crossed into our orbit, presented in chronological and no other order:

January 31st tweet from Jonathan Kay (@jonkay), with a closeup photo of a bottle of Arm & Hammer Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo for Pets, featuring a smiling golden lab: so it turns out I've been using dog shampoo on my hair for the last few months. (I only discovered it when I ran out and needed to get more.) this is partly my own fault but it doesnt help that @ArmandHammer has the word "pets" in like 4-pt typeface. I'm guessing this is common

Jan 31st tweet by Jonathan Kay (@jonkay) in reply to @Sethrogen and @ArmandHammer: Trolled by @Sethrogen. Achievement unlocked.

Tweet from @jonkay in reply to Rogen: Well you celebrities seem like happy people. Ta.

Tweet from @jonkay in reply to Rogen: Sorry for delayed response, as I spent the day skating on a frozen pond with my kids. But… is this a serious questions? my tweet was a self-deprecating knock at myself… Was using my dog's shampoo by accident, & then expressed faux outrage at A&H. Hahahaha…

Tweet from @jonkay in reply to Rogen: …I'm not a pro like u, so not every punchline lands. But was it not obvious that I was joking when I included the dishwasher reference? even I know not to wash hair with Palmolive. You got 9m followers. Youre funny & smart, & I love yr movies. But what u did here was just nasty

February 4th tweet from @jonkay in reply to @BarbaraRKay and @JesseBrown: uh yeah, thanks mom, but I got this

February 11th tweet from Admiral/Amiral Art McDonald (@CDS_Canada_CEMD): Conversations on diversity, inclusion, and culture change are not incompatible with our thirst for operational excellence. I count on my senior leaders to champion culture change. Diversity makes us stronger, inclusion improves our institution. We are #StrongerTogether - ArtMcD — It's accompanied by a photo of eight white men, half in military camo, sitting around a boardroom table. They're all wearing face masks and looking at the camera with serious expressions.

March 16th tweet from Conservative Party (@CPC_HQ): Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are more worried about saving Canadian jobs than their own. – It's accompanied by a graphic that has what was presumably the message they meant: Let's talk about jobs, not ballots


March 26th tweet from RCMP Saskatchewan ‏(@RCMPSK): On March 26 and 27, we remember Cst. Thomas James Gibson, Cst. George Knox Garrett and Cst. George Pearce Arnold who were killed in the 1885 Rebellion at Duck Lake, N.W.T. ^mm #RCMPNeverForget


April 13th tweet from Dr Naomi Wolf ‏(@naomirwolf): Mr Kenneth, May I interview you about this please? Reach 30 million Twitter impressions a month...many Albertsons. Please have your comma team contact me if so... — She's quote-tweeting Jason Kenney, who wrote: Many Albertans are rightfully concerned about the extraordinary powers of the government during emergencies. Today we are keeping this promise to remove the…

April 17th tweet from Jim Storrie (@JimStorrie): i'm going to tell my kids that this tweet was OPPO. — He's quote-tweeting @alexthistlewood, who'd tweeted a pair of Maclean's screenshots. One is a Justin Ling opinion piece from April 16, 2021, titled How did it come to this? The other is the May 1, 2018, piece from Jen Gerson called Relax, Doug Ford will be fine. Both op-eds had pictures of Ford.

A tweet from Women and Gender Equality Canada (@WAGE_FEGC) that is nothing but a photo of a woman wearing only a long white t-shirt, looking out a window. She appears to be in a hotel room. At her feet is a champagne glass and folded white linen napkins.

September 23rd tweet from 570 NEWS Kitchener (@570NEWS) accompanied by a BREAKING NEWS graphic: BREAKING: Former Nazi death-squad member Helmut Oberlander has died at the age of 97. His family says the longtime Waterloo resident died peacefully in his home "surrounded by loved ones."

October 18th tweet from Elections Alberta (@ElectionsAB), in reply to @andrew_leach and @HandmaidAlberta: I'm sure you're well aware of the federalist state, the three levels of government, and how extra veres and intra veres powers are assigned, just as much as an old tweet holds no value versus an up-to-date one. Move on, Andrew.

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