Dear White Editors: Invite Someone Out for a Coffee
Dear White Editors: Invite Someone Out for a Coffee
There are pragmatists and social climbers in every group, but the idea that nonwhite cultures mostly value moneymaking above breaking into the field of journalism is absurd. We want to clip our sons and daughters’ articles out of magazines and frame them. We want them to work from the inside, hopefully to change perceptions about us.

In my piece earlier this week, I took issue with Monday’s podcast with The Walrus Editor-in-Chief Jon Kay. By writing it the way I did, I hoped to explain how leaving people of colour out of conversations on race and diversity can veer into harmful territory. I tried to do that through the example of a Robert Fulford column. Far too often, white commentators will speak authoritatively on racially charged matters without the education or lived experience to know what they’re talking about.

Jonathan Kay didn’t think I laid out my argument clearly, and got the impression that he’s not allowed to speak on matters of diversity if asked by another white guy. Neither did Colby Cosh, who called the piece “tedious and absurd” due to its structure.  When an opinion writer of Cosh’s caliber calls my work sloppy, I pay attention.

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