Michael Chong's Reform Act is Easy to Hate. So Why Does the Media Love it?
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Michael Chong’s Reform Act is Easy to Hate. So Why Does the Media Love it?
How well are be being served by our political media if they can’t be bothered to get both sides of a story if that other side is coming from the Senate? It is a legitimate parliamentary body, even if they’re not elected, and it's not going away, so maybe it behoves us to actually give it proper coverage.

Conservative MP Michael Chong’s Reform Act is a flawed piece of legislation with a tortured history that is nevertheless getting a free pass and a comforting hug from the political press.

First introduced at the end of 2013, it was watered down with amendments to the point of uselessness, but the vast majority of MPs ended up voting for it anyway because it sounds sufficiently feel-good – it has “reform” in the title after all, and the vast majority of the nation’s columnists think it’s swell because it’s an attempt to limit the powers of the prime minister. It also passed because it’s a political syllogism – something must be done, and this is something, therefore we must do this.

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