NOT SORRY: Everything Is Bad (Puppies Inside)
NOT SORRY: Everything Is Bad (Puppies Inside)
Would you believe this was the first week of spring?

Would you believe this was the first week of spring?

Cancer killed Rob Ford, and that’s sad. Cancer is terrible because it comes for everyone equally: people you like, people you don’t, and Steve Jobs. Writing in the New Republic, Jeet Heer says, “Respect for the truth requires us to admit that he did much damage to his family and his city.” Ford brought the world to Toronto in a new way. Twitter target and Esquire writer Stephen Marche found himself in Senegal talking about Rob Ford. Yet Ford also changed the media who now know all the synonyms for “embattled.” The National Post’s Matt Gurney: “Ford’s situation was unprecedented, so we had to invent the rules as we went along. But I like to think I’ve learned something. As a journalist, if I smell scandal I will have a temptation to go for it. But that’s just something I need to measure.” He suggests a Charlie Sheen test when the better test is clearly the Britney Cuts Her Own Hair Paradigm.

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