NOT SORRY: Peacock Pose

It feels like ages since we had a National Conversation (trademark pending).

It feels like ages since we had a National Conversation (trademark pending).

Canada’s answer to Barbara Walters, Peter Mansbridge, sat down with Jian Gomeshi’s lawyer, Marie Heinen, to discuss if it makes her sad that women don’t like her and whether she’s a traitor to womankind. Feel how you want about the trial, but don’t wander the world thinking that successful women have to be likeable. Or that men have any clue what they’re doing. Or that all lawyers will speak to journalists on the record.

In the interview, Heinen defends the justice system as needing some reforms but she misses that the system can’t serve people who don’t trust it. (The law also does a disservice to the people that it doesn’t trust.) And overwhelmingly, justice is blind to women.

Word on the street is that CANADALAND office dad and professional crank Jesse Brown is a millionaire now. As a member of his “media” “empire,” I’m glad he might have second job to fall back on. In a survey of really bored people, 27% concluded he’s rich enough to buy health insurance for his staff. Chandler Levack is joining the uninsured masses as the host of the Imposter, the long-hyped arts and culture show.

CTV News invites you to leave your thoughts on the budget via their Instagram page. “Canada ‘owns’ the man bun,” begins a headline that is also an argument for closing the CBC. Ezra Levant thinks the Walrus is much more interesting than it actually is. Vice’s Ben Makuch is being forced by a court to hand over his text messages to the Men in Red as criminal evidence against a Canadian ISIS member. If only he’d used Snapchat…

Thanks partly to the Prime Minister, there’s an image of Canada as a more progressive Britain (UK 2.0, Britain: The Sequel, Britain: Britain Harder) or as America but with 100% more life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For example, a 2013 photo of Justin “Hot Yoga” Trudeau shows him in the peacock pose which sounds dirtier than it actually is. According to the photographer, the picture “showed him in a human light” instead of Trudeau’s usual demi-god filter. The Indian and British Prime Ministers also do yoga so the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is going to break the internet.

The Prime Family went to Newfoundland for Easter and Sophie carried a reuseable grocery store bag, which is a strong fashion statement, but let’s hope she paid for that bag herself. Prime Minister Trudeau was not ready to go back to work because he suggested that EI recipients in Edmonton and Saskatchewan could be “pleased” they weren’t hit harder by the oil crash. May they find nirvana in the “begging” pose.


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