NOT SORRY: Zapping Purple Peppers
NOT SORRY: Zapping Purple Peppers
Pleases refer to me by my new title: Magnificent Son Of A Bitch Columnist.

Pleases refer to me by my new title: Magnificent Son Of A Bitch Columnist.

In Victoria, B.C. some residents are upset about a tent city that has popped up. The irate residents call themselves Mad As Hell and the name refers to Network, a film where a news anchor’s mental decline is used for ratings by his network. The Star’s Heather Mallick published a fever dream/column in which “my brain makes grinding ‘hern hern’ noises” doesn’t even make the top ten of bonkers sentences. Davide Mastracci patiently explains the problem which is generous of him because laughing until you fall over is easier. Mastracci also joined BuzzFeed’s answer to Jesse Brown and Short Cuts guest host, Scaachi Koul, to ask “what in the fresh hell?

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