May 21, 2024
#2 Pretending in Prison
How do you get access to Native Programs in prison? Just say that you’re Indigenous
Robert Jago
Angel Ellis
Jesse Brown
Host & Publisher
Caleb Thompson
Audio Editor
Karyn Pugliese

Marvin “Casper” Ouimet was your ordinary terrifying Hells Angel mob boss until he was sent to prison for conspiracy to commit murder. That’s where he declared himself to be Indigenous. The prison asked no questions, and granted him access to a special program for Native inmates, in which prisoners get private cells, spiritual guidance, better food and ultimately – reduced sentences. But what about the real Natives in these programs?

Hosts: Robert Jago & Angel Ellis 

Credits: Jesse Brown (Publisher, Executive Producer), Caleb Thompson (Audio Editor, Mixer), Karyn Pugliese (Editor in Chief)   

Additional music by Audio Network

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