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June 13, 2024

In the first episode of A Field Guide to Gay Animals, Owen, Laine, and a 200-year-old gay tortoise explore the history of scientific research into gay animals, with the help of a seminal book that defined nature for what it is – queer as f*ck.

WORK #13 – Flying Under the Radar

June 12, 2024

Mandalena Lewis is one of far too many flight attendants who have been harassed or assaulted on the job. And her story is just one example of a culture of sexism and abuse that she alleges pervades the airline industry.

#5 Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Phonies

June 11, 2024

Being a Pretendian is a Hollywood tradition!

Dear Taliban: Part One

June 10, 2024

Investigative reporter Molly Thomas was hell-bent on not letting the
plight of women in Afghanistan fall from the headlines. But the battle
to tell that story wasn’t where she first thought it was.

#40 Femmes en politique: Femmes en péril?

June 8, 2024

Les femmes quittent la politique à un rythme alarmant, victimes d’un milieu toujours très misogyne. Alors comment rendre la politique vraiment féministe, égalitaire et inclusive?

Women are leaving politics at an alarming rate, victims of a still very misogynistic environment. So how can we make politics truly feminist, egalitarian and inclusive?

#995 34 Trump Street

June 6, 2024

Trump’s 34 felony convictions made history in the U.S., but will his efforts to undermine the Rule of Law have an effect on Canadian attitudes towards the legal system? 

WORK #12 – The Crucible of Confinement

June 5, 2024

In 2006, Zakaria Amara was arrested and imprisoned for planning what could have been one of the deadliest terror attacks in Canadian history. A ringleader of the so-called “Toronto 18,” he’s one of the most infamous Canadian convicts of the last few decades. 

#91 Flip-Flopping on Decriminalization

June 4, 2024

When B.C. decriminalized small amounts of drugs in January 2023, it was seen as a promising weapon in the battle against the drug crisis. In May, B.C. walked that policy back, saying it caused disorder in the streets.

#4 Pretendian Hunters

June 4, 2024

What happens when Pretendian investigations go wrong?

#994 Inside Winnipeg’s MMIWG Murder Trial

June 3, 2024

This story started out like every other Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women case. But something happened that would change the trajectory of the case, the people, and even political leaders in Manitoba.