There Is A Second Photo Of Justin Trudeau In Brownface
There Is A Second Photo Of Justin Trudeau In Brownface
And it's arguably even worse

By now we have all seen the photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in brownface from a school yearbook and in blackface from his high school days. Canadaland publisher Jesse Brown has asked why no Canadian media had found these before — and there really is no excuse, other than that we thought we already knew everything there was to know about Justin Trudeau, who’s been a celebrity since the day he was born.

I earned notoriety in the last Canadian election for being an independent blogger who was able to dig into the social media pasts of candidates, several of whom were forced off the ballot because of it. But I never looked into Trudeau, and not because I was particularly supportive of him. (I’ve written a detailed criticism of him in the pages of The Walrus.) But because he was a lifelong celebrity, I’d no sooner look into his background than I would the backgrounds of Prince William or a Kennedy — people about whom all is apparently known.

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