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How Justin Trudeau Is Failing Journalists
On matters of surveillance, source protection, and access to information, there are concrete things the government could be doing but isn't.
Short Cuts
#79 Lone Wolf Tenor
Freelancer Matt Braga joins Jesse to talk about Pokémon Go and the state of investigative journalism in Canada.
Saskatchewan Police May Finally Open Their Records to the Public
Soon, reporters and the pubic may be able to request police records in Saskatchewan, according to proposed changes [PDF] to the...
CANADALAND Take on Newfoundland ATIP Reform Technically Right, Spectacularly Wrong
On Friday, CANADALAND published a story headlined “How a Politician's Childhood Helped Shape Freedom of Information Reform” and political geeks in...
Police in Western Canada Don’t Collect, Release Racial Data
One evening in December 2014, Simon Ash-Moccasin, an Indigenous playwright, actor and activist, was walking home through inner city Regina when he was...
CANADALAND presents CITIZEN VROOMAN, episode #1.