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#367 Is Canada’s Vaccine Rollout Reverse-Racist?
Ever since the Canadian government announced recommendations that adults from Indigenous and racialized communities should be given priority for a COVID-19 vaccination, accusations of reverse racism have filled comment sections and social media posts. Now, racial minorities with vaccine priority are facing racism and other structural barriers to getting the jab.
Short Cuts
#181 Crown Fetish
Exploring Maxime Bernier's ties to the Koch Brothers, Andrew Coyne's love for the monarchy, and proof, if you needed it, that Jordan Peterson is full of shit.
#189 The Great Newspaper Bailout
The newspaper industry is pleading for hundred of millions of dollars per year to help prop itself up.
Andrew Coyne’s Troubles at the Post
CANADALAND spoke to eight of Andrew Coyne's colleagues who provided context for his time as editor. Coyne himself declined to comment for this piece.
Andrew Coyne v The National Post
CANADALAND has learned that though Coyne the editor has signed off on an official National Post Harper endorsement, Coyne the columnist planned to...
Diversity or Tokenism?
Rachel Décoste joins to talk diversity quotas, tokenism and equity in Canadian politics.
#17 Susan Delacourt
How did Stephen Harper dodge the Senate scandal? Why did the press let him?
#13 Show Notes
So how's it going?