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Announcing Our 2024 Podcast Slate
Scammers, the war on workers, queer animals, a convicted bomber, and the worst celebrity podcast ever
#7 Canada Is Hoarding The Land
The landback movement isn’t just about getting land back. It’s more than that. It’s a reclamation of culture too.
“I thought this would be about hope. But we’re not at a point of hope yet.”
Instead, canadaLANDBACK offers Indigenous women's stories of resilience
That time the RCMP taped themselves planning a “smear campaign”
The new canadaLANDBACK looks at how the Canadian state lost the PR war at Kanesatake, and vowed to never do so again
#5 Hacks, Flacks and #Landback
Since 2019 five journalists have been arrested at land defenses, several others have been detained or threatened with arrest - why?
“What if Reconciliation’s not a warm hug?”
The newest instalment of canadaLANDBACK contemplates a future of increasingly radical resistance to colonization
Reclamation At Stoney Point – Part Two
In part two: After a peaceful reclamation of the army base built on their land in 1993, elders of Stoney Point lead a movement to take back Ipperwash Provincial Park, which was also part of their original land and contained a burial ground. Racism and political interference turned a peaceful movement into a violent act of state aggression on September 6, 1995. This episode recalls the events of that night, and examines the fallout in the 28 years since, asking if reconciliation will ever be possible for the people of Stoney Point.
How did calling armed police on First Nations become normalized?
canadaLANDBACK returns to examine the modern history of land actions, and what it means for the next generation if longstanding disputes remain...
Reclamation At Stoney Point – Part One
What began as a peaceful land reclamation would turn into one of the most terrifying acts of violence and state force against unarmed people in Canada.
Here’s what I can tell you about what’s happening with CANADALANDBACK:...