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#340 Dethroning The Arts-Grant Elite
There’s a broad undertaking to shake up who gets arts funding, and who governs it.
#301 Interview With A Very Rich Person Who Wants To Abolish Wealth
Meghan Bell wants to tax the rich. She's also one of them.
#299 Today’s Crisis, Tomorrow’s Apology: Indigenous Death In The Child Welfare System
102 Indigenous children died in Ontario’s child welfare system because of underfunding and an indefensible inequality of services.
#274 Is Facebook Worth Fixing?
And if so, can government regulation crack down on hate speech and election interference on social media without crushing free speech?
#66 The Government’s Secret Newswire
News Canada (NC) looks like a wire service, but distributes stories produced by the federal government.
When Government “Sources” Spin You, Do You Have to Correct?
This opinion piece first appeared on Robert Hiltz’s blog. It is republished here with his permission....
#33 A Federal Minister Explains why the Government Creeps your Facebook
Harper cabinet member Tony Clement describes how government outsources social media monitoring of the public. Is it legal? He's not sure yet.
Government Blocks Website that Reports on Government
In an apparent attempt to keep pace with Kim Jong-un, a Canadian federal agency has blocked government employees from accessing a paywalled news site...