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#942 How Canada Became An International Joke
What is going on with Canada’s international relations? With all the recent stories about India and the Two Michaels time in China coming to the front again, reporter Sam Cooper helps break it all down.
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#74 Where Anti-Sikh Press Leads Us & Manitoba Marks the Ballot
Canada is accusing India of a state-sanctioned assassination. What does this mean for the future of Canada and India’s relationship?
#22 Diplomatie en crise
Pourquoi le Canada fait-il face à tant de crises dans ses relations internationales dernièrement ? Maïka Sondarjee, professeure adjointe à l'Université d'Ottawa, rejoint Emilie pour analyser la tension entre le Canada et l'Inde. Comment la réputation de notre pays a-t-elle évolué à l’internationale ?
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#921 No Going Back With India
If it weren’t for the Globe and Mail, would Prime Minister Trudeau have publicly accused India of being involved in the killing of Hardeep Nijjar?
Explainer: Why Canada is a popular bogeyman in India
Intertwined histories have led to Canadian Sikhs becoming regular scapegoats and targets of disinformation campaigns
#358 How India Blames Canada (And Rihanna) For The Farmers Protest
The Indian government doesn’t take criticism lightly, whether it’s from Prime Minister Trudeau... or Rihanna. 
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#191 Justin Trudeau’s [Redacted] Trip To India
What does the heavily redacted – er, revised – federal report on Trudeau’s trip to India tell us about the internal machinations of the government? And what does a Supreme Court ruling about journalists’ sources mean for the profession?