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The Newfoundlander
The Newfoundlander: Chapter 2
Starting in the early 2000s, the federal government allowed for the creation of a new First Nations band in Newfoundland, the Qalipu First Nation. Many people from across the province joined, including Justin Brake and his family. But, did they have a legitimate claim to Indigenous ancestry?
#18 Tik Tok autochtone
Militant et créateur de contenu abénaki, Xavier Watso se penche sur la représentation des personnes autochtones dans les médias. Quel est l’impact de cette représentation, autant dans les médias traditionnels que sur les réseaux sociaux ?
#5 Hacks, Flacks and #Landback
Since 2019 five journalists have been arrested at land defenses, several others have been detained or threatened with arrest - why?
#4 Do You Hear The Children Sing?
Land claims can take generations to settle. Sometimes communities lose patience, sometimes development forces them to take a stand or risk losing their land forever. Barricades have become a familiar scene in Canada. The land issue is rarely settled when barricades come down. Instead the community is left with court cases, post traumatic stress, and unresolved human rights issues. Some of those people are children..
#840 The Taking of Wood Buffalo
The largest National Park in Canada is Wood Buffalo, currently celebrating its 100th anniversary. But the people who inhabited it for thousands of years before that want it back. Brandi Morin travels to Wood Buffalo (and to Fort MacMurray and to Fort Chipewyan) to tell the real story of the Dene, the Cree, and the land they were expelled from to make way for Wood Buffalo National Park. 
Reclamation At Stoney Point – Part Two
In part two: After a peaceful reclamation of the army base built on their land in 1993, elders of Stoney Point lead a movement to take back Ipperwash Provincial Park, which was also part of their original land and contained a burial ground. Racism and political interference turned a peaceful movement into a violent act of state aggression on September 6, 1995. This episode recalls the events of that night, and examines the fallout in the 28 years since, asking if reconciliation will ever be possible for the people of Stoney Point.
#802 Jody Porter And A Complicated Legacy
Jody Porter was a reporting powerhouse at the CBC and advocated for human rights and Indigenous rights in Northwestern Ontario for decades. But she had complicated feelings about her work toward the end of her life. Jody passed away on July 19, 2022 and we are re-airing a conversation where she talked about these complicated feelings she had about her legacy. This interview originally aired in 2020.
Digital Startups Are Breathing Life Into Canadian Journalism
Indigenous-led independent media is leading the way