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Follow Up: John Furlong

July 25, 2016

John Furlong has been accused of abusing dozens of First Nations children when he was a teacher in Burns Lake in the 1960s. Journalist Laura Robinson told this story and ended up on the wrong side of a defamation lawsuit.

An Open Letter From Furlong’s Accusers to Prime Minister Trudeau

November 27, 2015

John Furlong’s accusers are asking the federal government to listen to them. In an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and two cabinet ministers, Cathy Woodgate and seven others who say Furlong abused them as children call for Trudeau to ask Furlong to step down from Own the Podium, a government-created and government-funded non-profit sports … Continued

“I Remember John Furlong”

November 25, 2015

John Furlong, a man accused of abusing aboriginal children, is staging a comeback. His accusers, now grown, have been excluded from national media coverage of his return to public life.

In what has become a battle between John Furlong and Laura Robinson, the voices of eight First Nations individuals have been excluded, omitted and ignored. Yet none of them have recanted their allegations.

CANADALAND presents their words now.

John Furlong’s Privilege

October 5, 2015

Laura Robinson has lost her libel suit against John Furlong. The ruling, which could limit the media’s willingness to report on abuse allegations, is based on erroneous information. Lawyer William McDowell discusses the possible impact.

SHORT CUTS – The Trial of John Furlong/Smearing Snowden

June 18, 2015

Freelance writer Denise Balkissoon on Laura Robinson’s defamation suit against John Furlong and the CBC’s modified headline following the publication of Glenn Greenwald’s exposé of a false Sunday Times report.

SHORT CUTS – Syria/Duffy/Furlong

April 1, 2015

Paul Wells on Canada’s “expanded” mission against ISIS, the coming trial of Mike Duffy, and the media’s shameful treatment of journalist Laura Robinson and her dozens of First Nations sources.

Journalist Laura Robinson Vindicated

March 31, 2015

John Furlong has dropped his libel suit against Laura Robinson, the journalist who broke the story of extensive racial, physical and psychological abuse claims against former Vancouver Olympics head John Furlong. Over 45 aboriginal Canadians gave Robinson on-the-record statements about Furlong’s alleged abuse, and 8 of them gave sworn affidavits.

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