An Open Letter From Furlong’s Accusers to Prime Minister Trudeau

John Furlong’s accusers are asking the federal government to listen to them.
In an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and two cabinet ministers, Cathy Woodgate and seven others who say Furlong abused them as children call for Trudeau to ask Furlong to step down from Own the Podium, a government-created and government-funded non-profit sports organization. John Furlong is the chair of its board of directors.
Woodgate et. al call the organization “Share the Podium” in their letter, a change which was made deliberately, CANADALAND is told.
Five of the undersigned have also written sworn affidavits detailing the abuse they say they endured. None of their claims have been tested in court and Furlong has denied all allegations.
CANADALAND presents the open letter, in full:

Burns Lake First Nations People and John Furlong

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