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Short Cuts
#88 Print Divas And Wankers On The Web
Toronto Star's Paul Wells joins Jesse to talk about magazines going digital and journalists leaving Twitter.
#119 More Trouble at The Walrus
When Ken Alexander co-founded the Walrus in 2003, he wanted it to be a left-leaning literary magazine that also functioned as an educational charity. Now he says The Walrus has lost its way, strayed from its editorial mandate, abused its staff and violated its charitable obligations.
Walrus Violated Charity Rules, Says Magazine’s Co-Founder
The Walrus Foundation failed to meet the obligations it made to the government in order to gain and maintain its status as a registered charity, said...
Meltdown at the Walrus
DISCLOSURE: One of the authors of this piece, Jesse Brown, once wrote an article for the Walrus. He experienced no professional conflict with any of...
#72 Why Is The Walrus So Boring?
And why is it so white? Editor Jon Kay answers.
#27 The End of Internships
The Labour Ministry cracks down on free labour, starting with the magazine business.