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How anti-SLAPP laws work in Canada
And how the case of Steven Galloway points to their limits
Why is No One Talking About Steven Galloway?
SLAPP hearing could have far-reaching implications 
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#173 The Aesthetics Of Rigour
Why should you trust the press when politicians have Twitter? And we read the Steven Galloway "article" in Quillette so you don't have to; turns out there may have been a slight conflict of interest.
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#171 A He Said That She Said Story
Why is no one in Canada reporting on that Justin Trudeau groping allegation? How does The Globe & Mail go from publishing one of the most important pieces of journalism about sexual assault in recent years to publishing an alleged sexual assailant's version of events? And what can we learn from the New York Magazine profile of everyone's favourite hipster Ponzi scheme, VICE?