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#972 The Witch Trials Of Andy Mills
Andy Mills’ podcasting work for The New York Times won a Peabody Award and a Pulitzer Prize citation. Then he lost it all.
“Canada does not want to see itself this way”
New York Times reporter stands by her account of gunpoint arrests in Ottawa
How the NYT pushed Canada to confront one of its biggest tech companies
A sex-worker advocate puts the Pornhub "hysteria" in context
NYT Loves Broad Generalizations about Canadians
A round-up of the Times' worst Canadian coverage
#357 Califail
The New York Times’ wildly popular podcast Caliphate came into question after its central character, a Canadian man who claimed he’d joined ISIS and committed executions, was charged with perpetrating a terrorist hoax.
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#279 Did The New York Times Get Catfished?
RCMP charges a podcast star with not being a terrorist. And Edmonton radio host chooses the wrong put-down. Al Jazeera journalist and filmmaker Laila Alarian co-hosts.
#316 One News Brand To Rule Them All
Does the New York Times' success come at the expense of local news?
#304 From Nanook To The New York Times: Misrepresentations of the North
How the media can fail when covering Indigenous people.
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#236 The New York Times’ Trauma Porn Beat
The New York Times’ Canada bureau chief goes up to visit an Inuit community three times so she must know what she’s talking about… right? Also, podcasting is getting way too popular.
#287 Let’s Get Serious About UFO Journalism
Hear about how journalists have failed when covering mysterious things in the sky.