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The Case Of TIFF’s Disappearing Louis C.K. Podcast
After The New York Times published its exposé on the comedian, TIFF scrubbed traces of a love-in at the 2017 festival.
How TIFF Rejected A Documentary Exposing Sexual Abuse In Hollywood
In 2014, the Toronto International Film Festival turned down An Open Secret. Now, its makers wonder whether the festival may have played a...
#199 TIFF Is A Monster That’s Eating Itself
Every year, Toronto hosts some of the biggest stars in Hollywood as they debut their new films. But is the Toronto International Film Festival actually good for the city?
Short Cuts
SHORT CUTS – We Support You, Hostile Idiot!
Jagmeet Singh gracefully responded to a racist idiot, which proves he can lead a major political party we guess. Also, racism is totally not a problem anymore, according to the most widely-read columnists in the country.