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#86 The Convoy Keeps Rolling
When the trucks moved out of Ottawa in 2022, our public discourse changed. Grievance politics thrived, and our political parties adapted.
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#825 Low Blow, Loblaws!
Loblaws takes the heat over a tone-deaf price freeze.
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#24 In Case of An Emergency
As the Emergencies Act passes and border blockades come down, we examine what impacts the Act and the satellite protests had domestically and internationally. And Canada decides to step up in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia – and it’s unclear exactly why.
“Canada does not want to see itself this way”
New York Times reporter stands by her account of gunpoint arrests in Ottawa
#756 “How I Ended Up Supporting The Convoy”
There's a lot of chaos and division in Canada right now. In this episode, it's back to the basics: having conversations.
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#755 Freedom Is Un-Canadian
The kinder, gentler Emergencies Act should not be underestimated. And framing the convoy as foreign-funded and US-inspired does more harm than good. Writer Nora Loreto co-hosts.
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#753 Wrong 2: Wrong Harder
Angry, bias-confirming echo chambers seem evident this week when it comes to the Freedom Convoy. And "a Toronto star at the Toronto Star" dies this week and Jesse dares to speak ill - or at least some truth - about the dead. Maclean's senior writer Paul Wells co-hosts. 
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#23 Maximum Chaos
The 2022 Freedom Convoy has taken over Ottawa, both the city and the political discourse. Why is the federal government so paralyzed by it and will it have a long-term impact on Canadian politics? And as the Conservative Party steps into the post-Erin O'Toole era, we try to figure out what "true blue" means now and whether it has Trumpian characteristics.
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#751 Honk If You’re Horny (For Freedom)
The media may have missed the Freedom Convoy plot yet again. And as several Canadian artists pull their music from the platform, Spotify wades into publisher territory as they work towards content advisories for select podcasts.
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#749 Truck Nutz
How many anti-vax trucker convoys were there?! And people are making the case to break up the CBC again.