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#769 The Ukraine War Correspondent In Edmonton
Fact-checking the war in Ukraine. And the ‘Pay Me for Clickbait Act’ - sorry, the ‘Online News Act.’ Olena Goncharova co-hosts.
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#26 A Conversation With Bob Rae
As escalation between Russia and Ukraine continues, what is Canada’s role in this ever-changing world? And how do conversations we have on the international stage impact our decisions here at home - and vice versa? Canada's UN Ambassador Bob Rae weighs in.
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#761 Patrick Brown Settles For Less
Patrick Brown has had his name cleared - according to an anonymous source. And the media loves a good war story. Karen Geier co-hosts. 
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#25 Contradictions In Conflict
As the war in Ukraine escalates and Canadian leaders head to Europe, we assess the economic and military responses so far. And despite fully grasping the severity of Russian aggression, we want to know: Why does Canada's response to conflict vary so much depending on the country? This week's contributors: Drew Brown, Caroline Elliott, Jaskaran Sandhu
How Ukrainians Overcame Russian Disinformation
And what Canada could learn from that
#760 Russia’s Weapons Of Mass Deception
Before there was an invasion in Ukraine, there was an information war. A deep-dive into the inner workings of Russia's information chaos machine.
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#759 In Our Feelings About Ukraine
Why do stories coming out of Ukraine feel different from other wartime coverage? And we look at the uneven media treatment of those who are impacted by war.
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#24 In Case of An Emergency
As the Emergencies Act passes and border blockades come down, we examine what impacts the Act and the satellite protests had domestically and internationally. And Canada decides to step up in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia – and it’s unclear exactly why.