Thanks for Explaining Racism to me, White People!
Thanks for Explaining Racism to me, White People!
Robert Fulford, like the many other white, male writers engaged in perpetual war with their timeless enemy called "political correctness," seems unable to fathom that conversations on racism are not meant to be simple and comfortable. They sometimes require painful dialogue that’s kept honest by good faith and a willingness to engage without harming (or, at least, doing as little harm as possible).

It’s only the midweek, and I’ve had my fill of white people explaining racism to me. On Monday’s podcast, Jesse spoke with Jonathan Kay about what makes The Walrus so boring. This, following a previous conversations with Andrew Coyne about The National Post‘s editorial pages, resulted in the second echo chamber this year on the show, with two white guys trying to sort out why there is such little diversity in Canadian media. On the one hand, they understand the absence of diversity itself and recognize it is a problem, but there’s something deeper at work here and something more important than that.

In disussions like these it is all to common for the homogenous participants to recognize absence, but where their experience and understanding fails them is understanding the harms that are caused by the presence of absence. That is to say that giving limited, or no, voice to people of colour doesn’t just shut them out of the debate, it can subject them to harm – especially when our (not) representative voices in the media take on race and veer into dangerously harmful territory.

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