What The Media Missed At The Jordan Peterson–Slavoj Žižek Debate
What The Media Missed At The Jordan Peterson–Slavoj Žižek Debate
By refusing to knock out Peterson, even when handed the chance, Žižek modelled what productive political discussion could look like

As soon as Jordan Peterson announced he would be debating Slavoj Žižek, the hype machine started revving. The media promised a “rumble in the realm of the mind,” a “brawl between iconoclastic philosophers,” and a “highbrow Mortal Kombat.” According to The Economist, our very political future was at stake because “the ideas which flourish now could define the next era of political ideology.” Others, like The Globe and Mail’s John Semley, doubted that higher questions would be resolved — the event was to examine “Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism” — but still predicted a raucous WWE-style throwdown.

Either way, the matchup was irresistible. Right vs. left. Capitalism vs. Marxism. Anti-PC hero vs. an old guy with a foreign accent. According to the Toronto Star, it would be “the debate of the century.”

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