Where Are These Weird Anti-Canadaland Stories Coming From?
News Brief
Where Are These Weird Anti-Canadaland Stories Coming From?
Similar op-eds calling Canadaland "fake news" have been popping up in strange places

You may not have noticed, but odd corners of the American press have been coming down hard on Canadaland. In the span of just over a week, three op-eds in three U.S. outlets have decried fake news as a pernicious force spreading around the globe, and pointed the finger at Canadaland (and me specifically) as among its purveyors.

On April 17, The Washington Times, a conservative D.C. broadsheet founded by a self-declared messiah, published a piece entitled “When ‘fake news’ goes global” on the front of its opinion section. The author, an Idaho-based professor of public policy named Greg Hill, cited examples of journalistic gaffes in the U.K. and Australia before naming this outlet as the prime example of Canadian misinformation.

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