Why Are We Still On A Witch-Hunt For "Marxists"?
Why Are We Still On A Witch-Hunt For “Marxists”?
In the conservative imagination, the term means everything and nothing

In the summer of 2016, then-member of parliament and now Alberta premier Jason Kenney gave a speech at an Edmonton event organized by a group called “Tribute to Liberty.”

His rhetoric was powerful. Having led the government’s initiative to build a massive monument to the “victims of communism,” Kenney seemed like the perfect choice to speak at an event that aimed to help fight the supposedly growing force of Marxism. His efforts were meant to turn the tide against the “collectivist ideas” and “identity politics” that, according to an interview Kenney gave to Rebel Media that year, were being insidiously taught in Canadian schools, posing a “cultural challenge” to Canadian conservatism.

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