Christie Blatchford is the Worst
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Christie Blatchford is the Worst
Christie Blatchford is certainly entitled to her own opinion. But in the case of Steph Guthrie's trial, she frequently presents her opinions as objective realities, and couches them in rhetoric that any reasonable person would understand could incite a violent reaction. Her most recent column reflects both of these tropes and is both inaccurate and dangerous.

Christie Blatchford has for the past year been covering what she refers to as “the first case in Canada of alleged criminal harassment-via-Twitter.” She has published a series of articles and videos documenting the proceedings against Gregory Alan Elliott, a Toronto man accused of harassing activists Stephanie Guthrie and Heather Reilly.

Full disclosure: I am friends with both Guthrie and Reilly. I saw some of the alleged harassment take place on twitter and have also been present for some of the court proceedings. So while my view is biased, my relationship with them does mean that I am more familiar with the case than most of Blatchford’s readers. And I know the people who are relying on Blatchford to produce an honest record of the trial are not being offered a full picture.

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