Canadian Jewish News Loses Last Regular Left-leaning Columnist Over Word "Occupation"
Canadian Jewish News Loses Last Regular Left-leaning Columnist Over Word “Occupation”
"I felt like a geologist who had been hired to write a column for the community paper of the Flat Earth Society."

In every interview I’ve heard with the editor of the Canadian Jewish News, Yoni Goldstein has defended his publication’s commitment to political diversity by pointing to one columnist: Mira Sucharov.

Earlier this year, when CANADALAND started looking into the politics of Jewish community media, I wrote about the Canadian Jewish News, Canada’s only national Jewish newspaper. In that article, I took the CJN to task for its complicity in a pattern of marginalizing certain points of view, particularly concerning conversations around the State of Israel and its place within the paper’s pages. It was Sucharov who offered a shining light of variety and complexity in what otherwise felt like a litany of exclusively pro-Israel voices.

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