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Everybody Loves Butts!

Canada's pundit class has been racing to heap praise on Justin Trudeau's bedraggled ex-consigliere

You might think that yesterday’s surprise exit of Gerald Butts would have Canadian journalists tripping over each other to investigate the many questions raised by the resignation of the PM’s closest advisor, such as:

• If he’s done nothing wrong, why resign?

• Is this a strategic move to put space between himself and Justin Trudeau for the next round of this scandal, when Butts could face direct and specific allegations from Jody Wilson-Raybould?

• What the hell happened, anyhow?

But while some reporters are asking these questions, many members of Canada’s pundit class seem to be tripping over themselves in the opposite direction — racing to heap praise on the bedraggled ex-consigliere, whose actions around the Lavalin file remain shrouded in secrecy.

Former National Post / Maclean’s editor turned vanity-press dilettante Ken Whyte says Butts is a great guy and predicts he’ll come out of this all just fine, thanks!

National Post opinion gatekeeper turned Walrus magazine bedshitter turned Quillette edgelord Jon Kay agrees: Butts is a mensch who will be okay in time, so don’t worry, folks!


Retired art-broker Evan Solomon keeps it classy, non-partisan style:

Poli sci prof Emmett Macfarlane offers lots of opinions for Maclean’s and the CBC. His opinion of Butts? Aces!

Nazi-hunting journo and sometimes Canadaland contributor Alheli Picazo hasn’t met Butts…

But the CBC’s Chief Sidelined Correspondent sure has! He would like you to know that they hang-out on the reg and talk smart-dude shit:

“Butts hasn’t confided in me — he prefers to talk about wine and literature over the dinner table…” — Neil Macdonald


I imagine former Ottawa Citizen EIC Andrew Potter wiping a single tear from his eye as he tersely approves of this message:

And the Toronto Star‘s Ottawa Bureau chief gets a bit wistful with this ode to a bromance:

The love has not gone unnoticed, people. So don’t cry for him, Mississauga!

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