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Shree Paradkar out as Toronto Star’s Ombud on Discrimination and Bias

Shree Paradkar’s management role has been eliminated

Gillian Findlay leaves CBC over “inequitable” treatment

In an email sent to her colleagues last week, Findlay wrote, “I am leaving the CBC because I have been unable to negotiate a remote work arrangement that is acceptable to me or in keeping with arrangements afforded peers.”

Corus aired paid address from Alberta premier without disclosure

Smith worked for broadcaster for years

The Church, the Conservatives, and the COVID contracts

A tiny evangelical sect is connected to millions in controversial PPE spending

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church members under RCMP investigation for alleged sexual abuse in Saskatchewan

Former members call the controversial sect a “cult”

Calgary conservatives plotted to entrap and oust Mayor Nenshi in “big store con” scheme

Political fixer David Wallace says he was paid for failed “Operation Peacock”

Announcing Our Fall Slate of Podcasts

Indigenous resistance, political dirty tricks, and a local hero hosts The Backbench

Executive who fired LaFlamme “taking leave” from CTV

He’s decided “to spend time with his family”

Bell Executive Who Fired Lisa LaFlamme Interfered With CTV News Coverage, Says Colleague

“He doesn’t like it when women push back.”

Canada’s Online News Act must be transparent, fair, and include news innovators

Without amendments, Bill C-18 risks disproportionately benefitting large news organizations and shutting out digital startups and independent media.