When Your Psychologist Goes Viral: How Jordan Peterson's Fame Affected His Private Practice
When Your Psychologist Goes Viral: How Jordan Peterson’s Fame Affected His Private Practice
A former patient says she got “hurt”; Peterson’s lawyer calls her "disgruntled"

“You know,” Jordan Peterson said, to a large audience at the University of British Columbia this past February 15, “I’ve also been accused, three times in my career, of sexual impropriety. Baseless accusations. And the last one really tangled me up for a whole year. It’s not entertaining.”

When Samantha, a former patient of Peterson’s who does not want her real name used in this story, saw a video of those remarks on YouTube, she wondered if Peterson was talking about her. Eight days prior to that talk, the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) — the profession’s governing body — had released its decision regarding her professional misconduct complaint against him, the culmination of what for her had been a challenging 10-month process.

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