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What Twitter Was

In retrospect, it’s easy to see why the world’s richest person would want to purchase and dismantle it

The anti-Trudeau hate farm based out of Cairo

“If they told people we were Egyptians talking in Canada, yeah, the company would not get this success,” a former social media manager for the company concedes

Is Jesse Brown happy?

Turning the tables, Jonathan Torrens takes over CANADALAND to find out what makes its host tick

A short history of Patrick Brown electoral controversies

“Their allegations are lies and I can only wish that they end their attacks on myself and my family,” he wrote to his local paper, shortly after being elected to public office at the age of 22

Explainer: Canada’s News Bailout, and what Facebook and Google have to do with it

Your guide to QCJOs, RJOs, and a bunch of other things with confusingly similar names

The low bar for accessing government news subsidies

Publishing hateful or inaccurate content is not necessarily disqualifying, says chair of the advisory board that determines eligibility

“We were hoping to just quietly find another albino” groundhog

Why Wiarton Willie’s death was kept secret for over a year

The Radicalization of Corey Mintz

How a lifestyle reporter became a labour reporter, without ever leaving the food beat

Where you can see all the election ads running on media websites

Canadaland’s registry of online registries for the 2021 Canadian election

What NXIVM’s Recruitment Pitch Looked Like

And why it probably wouldn’t have worked on someone like Jesse Brown