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The Columnist Who Covers Doug Ford for the Toronto Sun Lives with Doug Ford’s Press Secretary

Brian Lilley has been involved with Ivana Yelich since at least 2019

The CBC fired a reporter who tried to blow the whistle on systemic racism

The broadcaster acted improperly when they combed through the employee’s private messages for evidence of a leak, arbitrator rules

All Of The Rebel’s Ongoing Lawsuits Against The Media

(That we know of.)

WE Charity Ending Canadian Operations

Blames COVID-19, fallout from “political battles and misinformation”

“It’s Either A Terrible Mistake Or Something More Sinister”

Karl Dockstader on being charged in connection with his reporting on 1492 Land Back Lane

“Degrading And Aggressive”: Star Newsroom Rises Up Against Rosie DiManno

More than five dozen journalists sign letter to management demanding condemnation of columnist’s “hateful, racist reply-all email”

Barbara Kay “Stepping Away” From The National Post

Longtime columnist blames increased editorial scrutiny

Wendy Mesley Suspended From Hosting Duties After Using “Word That Should Never Be Used”

“I hurt people and for that I am very sorry. I am also deeply ashamed.”

“Canada Not Racist,” Declares 73-year-old White Man

“Where does racism manifest?” asks Rex Murphy, who once wrote that rap music leads to “a degraded and vulgar culture”

All Of The Conservative Donations Made By The New Owners Of The Toronto Star

Maxime Bernier, Doug Ford among those who’ve received financial support from Torstar’s new owners