Author Of Anti-Immigrant Vancouver Sun Op-ed Explains How It Got Published
Author Of Anti-Immigrant Vancouver Sun Op-ed Explains How It Got Published
Mark Hecht says he was inspired to submit to the Sun because of similar writings on diversity by columnist Douglas Todd

On Friday evening, the Vancouver Sun published an opinion piece by Mark Hecht, a geography instructor at Calgary’s Mount Royal University. The column decried “the dogma of diversity, tolerance, and inclusion” and praised the virtues of homogeneity and exclusion. It cited research by the anti-Muslim Gatestone Institute.

Neo-Nazis, and those of similar ilk, were fans. The paper’s reporters and its editor-in-chief were not. Nor was the executive editor of politics for Postmedia, who — while being charged with taking the whole chain further to the right — wanted to make absolutely clear that he had nothing to do with this. It was removed from the Sun‘s website late Friday but published in Saturday’s print edition, which had already gone to press. (Before being removed, its headline was changed to descibe the author as an “instructor” rather than a “professor.”) The piece remained on the website of the Sun‘s tabloid sister, The Province, until morning.

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