Media Fact Check: What the Press Got Wrong About Alan Kurdi, and What It Got Right
News Brief
Media Fact Check: What the Press Got Wrong About Alan Kurdi, and What It Got Right
Yesterday Postmedia's Terry Glavin broke the news that the tragic Alan Kurdi story has a Canadian connection: the drowned child's family had tried and failed to emigrate to Canada, and their case was hand-delivered directly to immigration minister Chris Alexander himself, who did not take urgent action.

While the essence of the story is true, the original report alleging Alan’s father Abdullah was denied refugee status in Canada was false.

Because of that conflated detail in Glavin’s article, hyperbolic headlines from Canada and abroad, a new piece of misinformation entering reports through a flawed wire story, and arguably insufficient corrections and clarifications from Postmedia and others, many are now confused about the accuracy of the entire original story. Others still have seized upon this confusion as evidence of bias on the part of the media, sparking outraged tweets from partisans and critical hot takes from pundits.

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