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The Church, the Conservatives, and the COVID contracts

A tiny evangelical sect is connected to millions in controversial PPE spending

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church members under RCMP investigation for alleged sexual abuse in Saskatchewan

Former members call the controversial sect a “cult”

Calgary conservatives plotted to entrap and oust Mayor Nenshi in “big store con” scheme

Political fixer David Wallace says he was paid for failed “Operation Peacock”

Lessons from the one unionized Starbucks in Canada

A single Starbucks location, in Victoria, B.C., successfully organized in 2020. Now several others are hoping to join them.

Hitting the Far Right Where It Hurts

How internet advertising funds bad information, and how activists are working to cut that off

Questioning Peter Sloly

The Ottawa Police have been plagued by officer misconduct. Now a leaked video shows there may have been concerns about the former chief’s behaviour before he was hired by the force.

“I die when I run out of money”

For some Canadians with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the government has made it easier to access assisted death than the supports they need to live

“Essentially you have a police state”

Fairy Creek shows the limits of checks on RCMP power

“Somebody is following them to their homes, tracking them”

Journalists and activists living in exile say they continue to face threats on Canadian soil

“Undeniable”: Sexual Misconduct in the Military

Women in the Canadian Armed Forces have been going on the record about sexual assault and harassment for nearly a quarter century. Why has so little changed?