Media Unions Demand Postmedia Executives Hand Back Their Bonuses
News Brief
Media Unions Demand Postmedia Executives Hand Back Their Bonuses
Staffers describe grim mood as company slashes payroll

Two Canadian media unions are calling on Postmedia president and CEO Paul Godfrey to give back his $900,000 “retention bonus.” Unifor local 87-M and CWA Canada both released statements calling on Godfrey and four other executives to give back bonuses totalling more than $2 million.

“Godfrey has all but destroyed a once-venerable newspaper chain. And it’s not because newspapers aren’t making money — they are. It’s because he needs to feed profits to predatory hedge fund lenders who keep him in their pocket with these big bonuses,” CWA president Martin O’Hanlon said in a release. “Why should people care? Thousands of jobs lost. A newspaper chain collapsing. Communities hurt. Journalism in decline. All so that rich investors can make yet more money.”

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