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Why The Canadian Government Is Already Giving Millions Of Dollars To News Organizations

It has nothing to do with the coming bailout

How A Meeting Of “Press Barons” Shaped The Government’s News Bailout

A new book by Richard Stursberg reveals that the plan to offer a labour tax credit for news media has its origins in a Rogers-commissioned report, a dinner with Paul Godfrey, and research funded by industry players

Postmedia’s Deep Ties With The Company Jeff Bezos Has Accused Of Extortion

Canada’s largest newspaper company shares about 80 per cent of its ownership with controversial American Media Inc.

Postmedia’s Connection To Donald Trump

David Pecker has been accused of wielding the National Enquirer to protect friends including Trump and Harvey Weinstein. He also helps decide how much Postmedia execs should get paid.

The Strange Case Of The Ottawa Outlet That Sued Its Own Freelancer

Blacklock’s Reporter recently settled its Federal Court suit against former contributor Dale Smith

CBC Repurposes Advertisement As Programming

A recent radio documentary on assisted dying was originally produced for a company that sells customer-support software.

Torstar Owns Company Running Dozens Of American Gun Forums

VerticalScope removed the full list of firearms-related properties from its site shortly after being contacted by CANADALAND.

One Of Canada’s Most Iconic WWI Images Was Staged For A British Propaganda Film

Scenes from The Battle of the Somme have become ubiquitous in Canadian remembrances of the war.

Toronto Life Pulled Down A Critical Review Of An Advertiser’s Restaurant

The review of BlueBlood remains in print, but links to the online version now point to an earlier puff piece

Inside Bell’s Push To End Net Neutrality In Canada

Documents obtained by CANADALAND reveal a plan to create a not-for-profit corporation responsible for maintaining a blacklist of alleged pirate sites.