The Media's Disgusting Racism and Shameful Betrayal of Laura Robinson
The Media’s Disgusting Racism and Shameful Betrayal of Laura Robinson
Over forty Native Canadians swear that John Furlong was a racist, violent bully who made the lives of children a living hell. Does The National Post think they're all liars?

“…a questionable story that other journalists might have left alone.”

That’s what the National Post’s Brian Hutchinson calls Laura Robinson’s exposé of John Furlong.
Let’s look at her “questionable story” with fresh eyes:

1. Robinson discovers that John Furlong, the head of the Vancouver Olympics, a celebrated member of the Canadian establishment and a recipient of the Order of Canada, has a secret past. He emigrated to Canada five years before he claimed to arrive here in his biography, a fact that he kept hidden even from his co-author. What was he hiding?

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