NewsMedia Council Dismisses Blacklock's Complaint Against CANADALAND
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NewsMedia Council Dismisses Blacklock’s Complaint Against CANADALAND
Editor Tom Korski had alleged a "conflict of interest" in inviting professor Michael Geist to comment on Blacklock's court battles.

On November 21, Tom Korski, the managing editor of Blacklock’s Reporter, filed a complaint against CANADALAND with the National NewsMedia Council regarding a September 2016 episode of our flagship podcast. On December 20, the NNC — a self-regulatory industry body that considers allegations of journalistic lapses involving member organizations — dismissed the complaint, concluding no breach of standards had occurred.

We were going to wait for the NNC to get around to posting the decision online before sharing a link to it, but given Blacklock’s publication of a related article this morning, we’ve decided to go ahead and present the council’s findings in full below:

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