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Why The Canadian Government Is Already Giving Millions Of Dollars To News Organizations
It has nothing to do with the coming bailout
The Strange Case Of The Ottawa Outlet That Sued Its Own Freelancer
Blacklock's Reporter recently settled its Federal Court suit against former contributor Dale Smith
NewsMedia Council Dismisses Blacklock’s Complaint Against CANADALAND
Editor Tom Korski had alleged a "conflict of interest" in inviting professor Michael Geist to comment on Blacklock's court battles.
#66 The Government’s Secret Newswire
News Canada (NC) looks like a wire service, but distributes stories produced by the federal government.
How an Ugly Feud Between Two Reporters Might Change Parliament’s Press Gallery Forever
"Do you have a case you can cite as the reason why you launched this? Is there anything that's happened?" asked Carol Off on yesterday's As It...
Government Blocks Website that Reports on Government
In an apparent attempt to keep pace with Kim Jong-un, a Canadian federal agency has blocked government employees from accessing a paywalled news site...