May 10, 2017
A Field Recording Of The Body
Darcy Spidle uses a jaw harp to play his insides. Aisha Sasha John studied clown to become a poet.
Kevin Sexton

chik white is the experimental jaw harp project of Darcy Spidle. You can hear more and find upcoming tour dates on his bandcamp. Darcy also started the record label DIVORCE and launched Halifax’s OBEY convention.

Aisha Sasha John is a dancer, singer and poet. She talks about the overlap between dance and poetry. Her new book is called I have to live. Here’s a close reading of her previous book Thou. This is her website, where you can find gems like “WHAT AM I GONNA DO / WITH ALL THIS MONKEY?”

Music on this episode:

The chik white pieces are from the album malform. Find it on bandcamp, along with Darcy’s other music.

“Tired Ariadne” by Old Girl. Find more of her music here.


Photo: Yuula Benivolski

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