Affirmation is the key to improv. It’s a way to become more spontaneous, creative, and achieve true collaboration. But at a time when Keith Johnstone’s foundational text, Impro is also on Peter Thiel’s employee reading list, at what point does “yes, and…” become a tool for blind compliance?

In this episode, Aliya examines three versions of comedian Chris Locke‘s joke about going to therapy to understand why improv is the multitool of comedy. After taking an 18-hour improv intensive, Aliya hires four improvisers to improvise her improv class, and Misha Glouberman reminisces about the days when improv was punk.


Chris Locke will teach you about the sky, the trees, and the big bad city in his new FunnyorDie series.

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Illustration by Seth Scriver.

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