April 12, 2017
Century Egg
Century Egg composes Chinese pop songs by Email. And a war is brewing in the Canadian art world. It's a war of loverz, haterz and haterzhaterz.
Kevin Sexton

Century Egg makes Chinese pop music in Halifax. They just wrapped up a mini-tour of central and eastern Canada. They have a peculiar approach to writing music: River God, the title track off their latest release, was written in 20 minutes, while singer Shane Keyu Song and guitarist Robert Drisdelle waited for their rice to finish cooking.

Here’s the band – Shane, Robert, Nick Dourado and Tri Le – performing at Shane and Robert’s wedding:

A string of anonymous meme accounts have started a war in the polite Canadian art scene. @CanadianArtWorldHaterz’s memes call out fellow artists and gallery owners across the country, tackling issues of representation and power imbalances in the art world. And they’re naming names. @CanadianArtWorldHaterz quickly spawned reaction accounts, including @CanadianArtWorldHaterzHaterz and @CanadianArtWorldLoverz.

Sholem Krishtalka of Toronto’s infamous critical art zine, Art Fag, reflects on the importance of criticism, and why Canada’s so averse to it. Find his non-Art Fag work on his website.

Music on this episode:

“River God,” “All This Unpleasantness” “Sunshine Realise” and “Day That Didn’t Exist” by Century Egg

“Never Trust a Storyteller” and “Inter-Mission” by Obuxum. Find more of her music here.

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