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What do chefs, cooks, and restaurateurs really talk about when you’re not around?

Corey Mintz joins restaurant insiders after hours to eat, drink and talk shit about the industry.


  • Corey Mintz


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Bow To The Bread

Three generations of cooks share their personal trajectories and horrifying training experiences, and grapple with how to push back against a culture of machismo and burnout.

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Squid Tentacles And Chicken Feet

Should aspiring chefs go to culinary school? What’s ‘the mandatory fourteen’? How do you ask for a raise when you’re earning less than minimum wage?

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Let Them Have Their Soggy Fries

Are over-the-top food trends trumping taste? Have you been dousing your food in knock-off Sriracha? And should restaurants accommodate their customers, even when it means making their food worse?

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Slaughtered With Love And Care

Corey has dinner with two former vegans at a steakhouse that serves $1200 steaks.

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Critic vs. Restaurateur

What happens when a restaurant owner sits down with the critic she blames for killing her business?

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