Postmedia Told Edmonton Journal to Endorse Jim Prentice, Says Edmonton Journal
News Brief
Postmedia Told Edmonton Journal to Endorse Jim Prentice, Says Edmonton Journal
Their recent performance in office and at the hustings subject to widespread media and voter skepticism, incumbent Premier Jim Prentice and the Alberta Progressive Conservatives nonetheless managed to secure the endorsement of the four largest papers in Alberta, the Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Sun and Calgary Sun. In one case, instruction to endorse came from the papers' parent company, Toronto-based Postmedia.

Tomorrow, Albertans will elect their next provincial government. For over a week, polls have consistently shown the Progressive Conservatives, who have held power in the province for over four decades, trailing the Alberta NDP and the Wildrose Party.

The Progressive Conservatives and their leader have had a rough go this election, with public backlash against an early vote call, allegations of corruption, a poor debate performance by their leader, and cheeky vandals making candidate Jonathan Denis’ campaign signs to read “Jonathan Penis” all drawing unwanted attention.

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