Postmedia's Deep Ties With The Company Jeff Bezos Has Accused Of Extortion
News Brief
Postmedia’s Deep Ties With The Company Jeff Bezos Has Accused Of Extortion
Canada's largest newspaper company shares about 80 per cent of its ownership with controversial American Media Inc.

While the head of American Media Inc. may no longer sit on the board of Postmedia, Canada’s largest newspaper publisher still has several connections to the company that Jeff Bezos and others have accused of engaging in explicit extortion. They include shared ownership, syndication of content, and a remaining board member who works with AMI.

David Pecker, AMI’s CEO, resigned from Postmedia’s board in August of last year, after it was revealed by The Wall Street Journal that he and his company had been granted immunity from prosecution for cooperating with U.S. authorities in an ongoing investigation of President Donald Trump. That immunity agreement may now be in jeopardy.

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