The Rebel Media's Martyrdom Complex - CANADALAND
The Rebel Claims They Moved Their Rally Due To Threats. The Original Venue Says That’s False.
When asked for proof of the supposed threats, Ezra Levant called our reporter a "sexist pig."

On Wednesday, The Rebel Media hosted a “Rally for Free Speech” against M-103, the non-binding House of Commons motion condemning Islamophobia. First announced for the Montecassino Hotel and Event Venue in Toronto’s Downsview neighbourhood, it was relocated to the Canada Christian College (CCC) in Don Mills when, according to organizers, the original venue backed off due to threats. But while anti-Rebel protest coordinators encouraged supporters to phone Montecassino, its general manager tells CANADALAND that he was neither aware of any threats, nor was that why the booking was cancelled.

During the rally, Rebel “commander” Ezra Levant cited the alleged threats when soliciting donations for security costs.

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