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The Campaign Against Canada’s Largest Pro-Nazi Newspaper

Criminal hate-speech charges against Your Ward News are just latest in a string of legal battles

CBC Admits Botching Gavin McInnes Interview On Power & Politics

The Rebel Media personality used his airtime to justify a 1749 bounty on Mi’kmaq scalps

Canada Is About To Get A Press-Shield Law

It would protect confidential sources but also define who is and isn’t a journalist.

We’ve Been Barred From The Rebel’s Conference On Saturday

“It is private property and if you attend you will be trespassing.”

‘Antifa’ Knife Attack Claim By Anti-Muslim Internet Personality Challenged By Witnesses, Police

Did protesters assault Freedom Report’s Kevin J. Johnston, or did he assault them?

Senate Unanimously Adopts Canada’s First Press-Shield Bill

It now goes to the House, where Liberals will have to decide if they’re serious about journalistic freedom.

Ezra Levant Shows How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Campus Israel group withdrew from event in which Levant claimed critics were “self-hating Jews”

Vice Reporter Must Turn Over Materials To RCMP, Appeal Court Rules

Vice and others had been seeking to overturn an earlier decision ordering reporter Ben Makuch to hand over messages with ISIS fighter Farah Shirdon.

Judge: No Special Status For Journalist Charged For Covering Protest

Court upholds Justin Brake’s ordered removal from Muskrat Falls site

Journalist Facing Criminal Charges For Covering Indigenous Protest

Move seen as “serious threat to press freedom” in Canada