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#13 Les deux conservatismes
Des feux de forêt font rage en Alberta alors qu’une élection provinciale est en cours. Emilie discute de l’état du conservatisme en Alberta, mais aussi la nouvelle génération d’intellectuels conservateurs au Québec avec Frédéric Boily, auteur et professeur de sciences politiques au Campus Saint-Jean de l’Université de l’Alberta.
Corus aired paid address from Alberta premier without disclosure
Smith worked for broadcaster for years
Calgary conservatives plotted to entrap and oust Mayor Nenshi in “big store con” scheme
Political fixer David Wallace says he was paid for failed “Operation Peacock”
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#771 Greasy Alberta
Welcome to AlbertaLand, where it's cold and greasy. And how the media is bored with the sixth wave. Dani Paradis co-hosts. 
#326 While We Weren’t Looking
In the face of a global pandemic, it’s hard to focus on anything else.
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#261 Billionaire Welfare Slackers
When police searched journalists’ offices in the Alberta legislature, we wondered how government reporters were faring in the age of COVID-19. And after securing millions from the federal government, Canada’s big newspaper chains are finding new ways to ask for more money.
#54 The Biggest Resignation Of The Year
Andrew “Everybody’s Second Choice” Scheer is no longer the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. OPPO unpacks the latest in Western Alienation and takes a deep dive into the most significant political resignation of the year.
OPPO: Is Jason Kenney Stoking Alberta Separatism?
Alberta's premier wants a referendum on ... what exactly? And Justin Ling wants you to calm down about climate change "muzzling." Plus, meet some intriguing candidates to keep an eye on.
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#209 Don’t Call Me Jason
Journalism that exposes racism, homophobia, and election fraud: does any of it matter? All of this and more in a look at the Alberta election. And then a check-in with the Globe and Mail's Thunder Bay bureau.
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#208 Oh My God, They Killed Kenney
Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party is imploding before our very eyes — but the Albertan electorate doesn't seem to mind much. And who does Justin Trudeau think he's fooling with a libel threat? Definitely not Andrew Scheer.